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Our Goal : to Scan Literature
and Explore Science with ARTIREV
We provide a digital research assistant that facilitates the literature search and accelerates knowledge acquisition. This tool allows you to identify relevant scientific articles, cluster them toward sense-making, and prioritize your readings.
Some videos to illustrate different use cases...
You are
an academic

Explore your topics of interest for your teaching and your research with a few clicks
You are
a student

Accelerate the writing of your thesis
You are
a medical practitioner

Stay abreast of scientific advances in your filed
You are
an institution

Provide an innovative tool to your Faculty and students
Some videos to illustrate different use cases...
... 3 solutions
To improve and accelerate
your documentary research

Offline and in-depth exploration
of a literature
  • Usable offline
  • Computer use only
  • Complete analysis without article limits
  • Compatible with Scopus or WOS or Dataman data
  • Individual nominative or landline subscription

Online and in-depth exploration
of a scientific object
  • Usable online
  • Multi-support use (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)
  • Complete analysis limited to 500 articles
  • Compatible with Scopus, WOS & Dataman data
  • Individual or institutional subscription
  • Interactive interface for reading results

Access to the most relevant
knowledge in a click
  • Usable online
  • Multi-support use (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)
  • Simplified results limited to 120 articles
  • Dataman data compatible with API
  • Individual or institutional subscription
  • Fully automated and intuitive procedure
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